Friday, June 3, 2011

"Can I Tell You What?"

A famous question that is used quite often is, "Guess what?"  This question is really more of a rhetorical question, used when you have something you want to tell someone but really don't expect the person to actually make a GUESS as to what you want to say.  The usual reply to this question is, "What?" 

Well, Katie (my niece) has put a new twist on this question, and every time she says it, it makes me smile.  Her question is, "Can I tell you What?"  She then waits for my reply (which is always, "Yes, honey, tell me what,")  before she proceeds to share her latest thoughts, trials and tribulations, and overall funny things that happen in her life.  Isn't this really a better question to ask than, "Guess what?" 

Me and Katie at Disney

So, given the fact that I haven't written a post in almost a month, I thought I'd borrow Katie's question, "Can I tell you What?" and tell you a few of my WHATS.
  • CT and I just returned from a really great trip to Disney World (with Leanne & Co.)   Ok, so we went to Disney last September.  But we REALLY REALLY REALLY needed this get-away, and given the fact that there was a "STAR WARS" weekend at Hollywood Studios, well heck, there was no way CT was going to miss that event.
  • I've been slightly encouraged about my job prospectives over the last couple of months.  More responses to my resume AND actual interviews.  I haven't landed anything yet, but I still have interviews in the works.  I MUST REMAIN POSITIVE that something will happen.  Now, if I only didn't watch the news last night, and watch the markets tank this week as a result of some poor reports that were way below analysts' expectations.  Oh yeah, and the job market is going in the wrong direction (again).  Depressing.  BUT I MUST REMAIN POSITIVE. 
  • I've been praying for two of my BFFs who have been battling some very serious health challenges (hey PK - do you like how I used the word "challenge" not "problem"?)  While they are both on the road to recovery from their most recent "challenge", prayers are still needed.  Prayers will always be needed...) 
  • Summer seems to be in full swing here in Chicago.  Humid and muggy today.  I have no idea what happened to spring, but I was happy to return from Disney to the wonderful scent of my Lilac bushes in full-bloom.  Did you ever stop and just REALLY smell the flowers?  Lilacs are the best.  Truly.
  • CT is on another backyard mission.  Apparently, bunny rabbits have been spotted frolicking to-and-fro in our backyard, and CT is afraid they are going to eat our flowers and landscaping.  This morning, I found one such bunny sitting beneath the patio table.  As I looked outside from our patio door, I yelled out to CT, "Hey, there's a bunny on the patio."  CT immediately ran out the patio door, in an attempt to chase the bunny away.  (Really.)  Both CT and the bunny ran to the left (and out of my view).  30 seconds later, along comes said Bunny, now running in the opposite direction.  10 seconds later, CT follows said Bunny.  It was priceless and I wish I had a video camera on hand.
Of course, I have a gazillion more WHATS, but I thought I'd share just a few.  Feel free to share any of your WHATS.