Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Half Over

Hello everyone out there in Blogland.  I've been away way too long, and am slowing getting back into reading blogs, leaving comments, and actually writing a new post.  I've got a great topic for a new post. 

Like some of you are already aware, it is half over.  Summer.  Half over.  Yup.  Gone.  Faster than a blink of an eye.  Here are some of the reasons that validate (for me, anyway) why Summer is half over:

1) Fall colors are slowly appearing stores.  My favorite craft store, Michael's, has all their fall colors and products on display now.  As soon as you walk into the store, you are hit with a sea of yellows, reds, oranges, and browns.  Unbelievable.  I haven't even taken down my reds, whites and blues from 4th of July!   

2) CT cashed in his coins.  Yes, CT went to the bank this afternoon to cash in his coins.  Here are the "before" photos:

You are probably wondering why this is a sign that summer is half over.  Well, to refresh your memory, check out one of my previous posts.

So, CT had to cash in his coins today for a VERY important day tomorrow:  Hallmark's 2011 Holiday Ornament Premiere Weekend.  CT already placed his order with our local Hallmark store for SEVEN new Star Wars and Star Trek ornaments.  The ladies at Hallmark even called CT during the week to let him know that his ornament order is ready for pick-up tomorrow.  The Hallmark store opens at 8 a.m., and WE WILL BE THERE at exactly 8 a.m. to pick up said order (because, you never know if someone gets to the store at exactly 8 a.m. too, and picks up the wrong ornament order and gets CT's ornaments instead of their own.  Heavens no!!!!  The world will surely end if that happens!!!)  Anyway, the coin result: $195.21.  The amount need for this year's purchase:  $187.62.  Hot dog!  Maybe I need to talk CT into taking me out for breakfast FIRST since he has some money left over.

3) All summer clothes are now on sale.  Inventory is still pretty good and you can find some great deals out there.

4) Back-to-school sales are starting.  I do love a good back-to-school sale, even though we don't have any kids for which to buy school supplies.  There is something about "bouquets of sharpened pencils" (ok, name that movie if you know this quote) that I just love.  One of the things I miss when I was employed is that my former company used to have a school supply drive every year (run by none other than my good friend and former colleague, PK).  Employees donated bags and bags of newly purchased school supplies, to which we then donated to a needy and much less fortunate school.  I loved shopping for these supplies, finding great deals and buying in bulk, but more importantly, knowing that a new pencil, note book, folder, marker, crayon, etc, might put a smile on a student's face (who otherwise, would not have brand new supplies for the beginning of the school year.)  I think I need to look at donating supplies on my own now.

5) I'm getting really tired of watering my flowers.  A sure sign of that Summer is half over.  Now that very hot, humid weather is here (we're talking high 90's here in Chicago for the next week), I really do NOT enjoy going outside to water all my flowers and plants.  After an hour, I am wilted! 

So, there are just a few reasons why Summer is half over.  Feel free to share any of your reasons on why the Summer season is half over, but do it soon, because it will be Fall before we know it!