Friday, November 26, 2010

Nothing Says Christmas Like... STAR WARS!

Before CT and I got married, we decided to sell his house.  As we went from room to room packing, I came across bags of Hallmark ornaments.  In one closet, a bag or two with a few ornmanets... in a cabinet, another bag with a few ornaments... in a drawer, a loose ornament.  Well, you get the point.  There were ornaments hidden everywhere in that house.  (CT was NOT the most organized bachelor.)  Here was our conversation:

Me:  What are these?

CT:  Oh.  Ornaments.

Me:  Ornaments?

CT:  Yes. 

Me:  How great!  (As I looked at the boxes of ornaments stacking up everywhere, and realized...) Oh.... ummmm... Star Wars?

CT:  Yeah, and I have a few Star Trek ornaments too.

Me:  Oh.  (Looks like these are NOT going to go on my very traditional Christmas Tree.)  Well... what an interesting Christmas tree you must have.

CT:  Oh, I don't have a Christmas tree.  I don't put these up.  I just collect them.

Me (Light bulb going on in my head)... Well, you have so many ornaments, why not have a Stars Wars and Star Trek Christmas Tree?

And the rest, as they say, is history.  Fast forward to today:  Here is storage bin #1 of 5.

CT is the proud owner of approximately 83 Star Wars and Star Trek Christmas Ornaments (which are tracked on an Excel spreadsheet, of course) and he has his very own Christmas Tree that sits proudly in our family room each December.  Blue lights for the sky and white lights that twinkle like stars in the sky.  It is one very cool Christmas Tree, complete with a YODA Tree Topper.  Here is today's finished product (and a couple of ornament photos):

Remember the story about CT's coins?  Well, now CT saves all his loose pocket change during the year, and every July when Hallmark debuts their new ornament product line, he cashes in the spare change to buy the new Star Wars and Star Trek ornaments.  This year, I think he saved about $225 in spare change, and had enough money for eight new ornaments.

See, nothing says Christmas like STAR WARS!!!

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  1. One of these years we need to get Cormick over to see CT's tree!! May the forest be with you!


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