Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I See Dumb, I See Dumb

"I See Dumb" is one of my favorite expressions that PK and I used when we worked together.  We would use this expression (only between ourselves) when we saw or found something that someone did that just truly defied common sense and logic -- ok, well, our logic anyway.  (I originally came across this expression on a coffee mug in a magazine.  PK and I contemplated buying two mugs to use at work -- then I decided that given our positions at the company, it would NOT be appropriate!)

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This past weekend, I found myself in need of saying this expression out loud over something I witnessed.

CT and I stopped by our local gas station to fill up our car.   As CT was pumping gas, I looked over to the mini-van at the next gas pump.  A woman was sitting in the driver's seat and her passenger was out pumping gas.  She looked like she was cleaning out her purse or something else in the car, and proceeded to throw stuff out the window.  Now mind you, we are in a gas station and there are garbage containers RIGHT NEXT to the gas pumps.  I was half-tempted to get out of the car, pick up the crap she was throwing on the ground, tap on her window and say, "Excuse me, I think you dropped this."  But with my wobbly knee, I figured I couldn't make a run for it, should she decide to chase me.  So, "I See Dumb" #1 was in order.  Well, maybe not dumb, but lazy and ignorant definitely works here.
Next, the woman proceeded to light a cigarette, and then proceeded to flick her cigarette ashes out the window - all the while she waited for her passenger to finish pumping gas and go inside to pay for said gasoline.  I don't know about you, but I've had my fair share (and CT too) of getting out of my car to pump gasoline, only to find myself stepping in gasoline that was recently spilled.  The smell gets on your shoes, and then in your car when you return to your vehicle.  It takes a while to evaporate.

So, as this woman sat there smoking her cigarette and flicking ashes our her window, I had visions of an amber or the tip of the cigarette cracking off and hitting some recently spilled gasoline, blowing up the place into pieces.  Maybe that would never happen.  Would the amber blow out before it hit the ground?  I don't know, and I guess I don't want to test it to find out either.  Still, I thought this act was so completely stupid, I mean, WE ARE AT A GAS STATION!   "I See Dumb" #2 was in order. 

It still amazes me how dumb people can be sometimes.  Have you seen "Dumb" lately?


  1. HA!!!!! LOL!! Oh, LT, I forgot about that!! Sure wish I could use that cup in the current job, but there's too many parents who would have issues, given I work in a learning institution!
    Can you believe how some people never get past the thinking that teens often have ("That happens to other people, not to me.")?? I gotta keep my eyes open for "I see dumb".
    Thanks for a good chuckle!!

  2. Seriously, I see it all the time and I just think, "Really?"

    Those stories definitely qualify!

  3. Have I seen dumb lately!? Ha ha to funny! Have I ever! Some people just don't think the rules aply to them...morons. :)

  4. I sure have!! Geez...people amaze me at times with their DUMBNESS!!! Too fun of a post:) And that cup is priceless!!



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