Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Auntie's Day?"

When I picked up Ella from school last Thursday, she came out holding a wrapped Mother's Day gift for Mommy (aka, Leanne).  Ella was most excited about the gift and said, "Oh Auntie, we have to open it!"  While Ella understood that the gift was for Mommy, for the life of her she couldn't remember the exact gift.

Ella then said, "Ok, here is the plan -- we can just open it to see, and then you can wrap it up again."  So, when we got home, we proceeded to very carefully open the gift, take a quick peak, to which Ella exclaimed, "Oh yeah!  I made that!"  (It was a small baby-food glass jar hand-painted by Ella, with small candle inside.)  As we sat at my kitchen table re-wrapping the gift, Ella and I had the most interesting conversation.  It went like this:

Ella:   So Auntie, this is for Mommy for Mother's Day.

Me:  Yes, honey.  Mommy will love it.

Ella:  And you know, there is a Father's Day too.

Me:  Yes, there is.

Ella:  So, when is Auntie's Day?

Me:  What?

Ella:  When is Auntie's Day?  There is Mother's Day and Father's Day.  When is Auntie's Day?

Me:  (Not quite sure how to answer this one, because I don't think there is a Hallmark Holiday for Auntie's.  So, I had to think quick.)  Well, Auntie's Day is on my birthday.  That is when we celebrate Auntie's Day.

Ella gave me a doubtful look that said she wasn't quite sure she was buying the answer I just gave her, but she then replied, "Ok."

 I was so touched that Ella, at age 4, would be thinking about an "Auntie's Day" for me.  I tell Leanne time and time again that both Ella and Katie have such good hearts, and that they ALWAYS think of others first.

Fast-forward to yesterday.  While at Leanne's celebrating Katie's First Holy Communion, we also had a mini-Mother's Day party.  I received a gift below, from Katie and Ella, with the greatest little note:

A Mother's Day Note from Katie & Ella: 
"Thank you for being our Mommy when Mommy can't be there!  We love you!"

It appears that Ella was right to doubt that "Auntie's Day" is celebrated on my birthday.  You see, in our family, "Auntie's Day" is also celebrated on Mother's Day.

Katie, Me, and Ella

So, to all the Mommies, Grandmas, AND Aunties everywhere -- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!


  1. That was soooooooooooo sweet. Very touching. Those two little chicks are good eggs!

  2. What a beautiful story! I love that you guys are so close! Hugs & HAPPY MOTHER'S/AUNTIE'S DAY!!

  3. Awe .. . I don't know how I missed this one, k. It's beautiful and made me weep!!!! Happy Auntie's Day!!!! To the best auntie I know!!!!

  4. This is just soooo sweet!! Katie and Ella are super blessed to have you in there lives. I always wanted an Auntie like you!!

    I haven't been here in awhile...I am loving your new banner. I bet Leanne created that, right? Really darling.


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