Sunday, August 29, 2010

It Takes A Village

Did you ever hear the expression “It takes a village”? Well, if you did, I bet you never heard it in this context.

Thursdays are my “Nanny Day”, meaning, I have the pleasure to spend (aka, babysit) the entire day with my nieces, Katie and Ella (well, now that Katie is back in school, it's just me and Ella) while their mommy is at work. You might know Katie and Ella – daughters of my sister, Leanne, the writer of From Chaos Comes Happiness. 


So, last Thursday, I arrived at Leanne’s house at approximately 7:30 a.m. Leanne and I tried to have a quick chat between changing of the pajamas, making lunches, eating breakfast, packing the backpack, playing a quick game of Wii with Ella (yes, Ella insisted that her and I play Wii that morning), reading through Katie’s latest library book (Guinness Book of World Records – 2003), finding shoes, and then quick notes of the day’s schedule (what time Katie gets off the bus, what time Leanne is working until, who will be there and when, etc., etc., etc.)

So, after Leanne and Katie were ushered out of the door, Ella and I decided to have one last quick game of Wii before we departed to run a few errands on the way back to my house. But before we could escape Leanne’s house, the phone rang. Yes, it was Leanne. Here was our conversation:

Leanne: Oh – I’m so glad you’re still there.

Me: Yes, we are, but we are starting to pack up and head out. To Ella: Ellie, get Teddy and Blankie. And go potty before we leave! Ok, what’s up?

Leanne: Well, today is garbage day, and I forgot to throw out the old pizza from the fridge. 

Me: Ok, I’m right here in the kitchen. Let me look. Ok, I see the pizza. I’ll throw it out.

Leanne: Ok, thanks. And do you see that container of old corn salad? Throw that out too.

Me: Ok. What about this other container? Red lid; not sure what’s in it.

Leanne: Oh yeah, throw that out too.

(So, you get the point. We proceed to review the contents of the refrigerator, as I questioned unknown containers and packages with unidentifiable contents, cleaning out all of the old food. Then, we had the same conversation regarding the not-so-fresh fruits and vegetables on the counter top.)

Leanne: Thanks so much for taking care of the garbage.

Me: No problem. Oh, I also cleared all the dishes in the sink and loaded the dishwasher. Do you want me to turn the dishwasher on before we leave?

Leanne: Oh, that would be great! Thanks! Oh, and guess what? I forgot to take my sinus meds this morning, and my sinuses are killing me. 

Me: Ok, well, Ella and I can drop those off to you at the office on our way back to my house. (Then, I said quite sarcastically): Is there anything else you need?

Leanne: Yeah, could you make the girls' beds upstairs?


Leanne: Well, what can I say – IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO BE ME!

So, that is that. Leanne has now officially informed me that she needs a village to be herself. And trust me – I am only one small part of that village – the other villagers include grandmas and neighbors and friends and PG (the hubby). Truth be told, it is sometimes fun to be part of this village, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


  1. :)
    It's even better the 2nd time I hear it!!

  2. HEY!!!!!! For the record . . . I was only JOKING about making the beds!! ;)

    Thanks for OUTING me, LT!!! I no longer am as all together as my blogland friends THINK I am . . . great. . .just great. ;)

    Absolutely hysterical post! (Oh, and thanks again for cleaning out the frig! I hate doing that!!)

  3. Ahhh.. sooo the truth comes out! I LOVE it. ;-)


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