Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Blog - Day #2

As I lay awake in bed last night, I thought about my blog – this new, wonderful, exciting, tool that will allow me to creative and design and develop and ultimately share my thoughts with the entire world. A gazillion questions swirled in my head as I try to understand this Land of Blogs – questions like:

1) Buttons. Until yesterday, buttons were these little things that were attached to clothes and that, from time to time, would fall off and get lost. So, now that I have a “blog button”, what happens if I lose it? Should I have more than one button (like just in case someone “grabs” my button, leaving me with none?) Better make a note to ask Leanne about buttons!

2) Lady Bloggers. Who ARE the Lady Bloggers and what about this special society of theirs? I’m a lady, so can I belong to this not-so-secret society too?

3) Gadgets. What are all these gadgets about? I’ve got to experiment more with these gadgets, and I’m not talking about the ones hiding in my kitchen drawers.

4) Dashboard. Hmmmmm… No speedometer? No gas gage? No lights? But if I click on “templates”, I will see colors and fonts, background and text, two or three or more… the options are truly endless.

So, I hopped out of bed this morning with much excitement and exclaimed to CT (my husband, who you will learn more about in the future): “I’ve got to work on my blog!” I poured my cupacoffee, quickly logged in and saw for the first time… COMMENTS…. and FOLLOWERS…. Six in total…OH MY! I have followers who have already read this blog??? And these are not just any followers, but truly great bloggers in their own right. OH NO! Now the pressure and panic is starting to set in… these followers are waiting to see what I do with my blog, and what words I will share with them in my latest post. OH NO! My hands are shaking and I’m starting to sweat as I read the new comments. Gulp. Ok, I can do this. So, I click on “new post’ and begin typing. (I’ll work more on my blog design later.) And as I type, I begin to relax, and smile, and just enjoy having this new creative outlet. I probably won’t be as witty or intelligent or charming as others, but I will be ME.

So, how did you feel when you started your blog?


  1. LT, I'm smiling!! Already I can see the sense of humor leaking out into the wonderful world of Blog.

    And you WILL be as entertaining as some of the best we've read!! Because you DO have a lot to say.

    Happy Saturday!

  2. K!!!! I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! CHECK YOU OUT!!! Witty - insightful - made me laugh out loud! I remember those very first days of blogging - the world is your oyster (or, something like that!) Go out and grab it! FanTAStic post #2!!!! Just fanTAStic!

  3. LOVED this post, reminded me of my first one. I had blogging on the brain! I could not sleep, eat or go out without being completely blogged down LOL....still happens, nothing escapes being blog fodder...told my hubby to beware! LOL

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Ha! Love it - it is a completely different "sub culture" for sure! Hi! - I am Nicole - one of your sister's biggest fans! I am now following you!!

    If you like, visit me -

    Looking forward to your posts!


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