Friday, August 27, 2010

Man and his... BIRDS

So, since this blog is called “The Adventures of CT and Me”, I figure I better add a few stories about my beloved CT. One such story his is love of birds. Yes, birds.

We live in a relatively new house (we built the house about 2 ½ years ago), and due to the downfall of the housing market, we are surrounded by mostly vacant lots (with the exception of one house directly behind our house.) Still, we managed to build our own little oasis, complete with full landscaping, sod, a couple of trees, and a fence surrounding our small property. Oh yes, and then there is the bird island.

Our bird island, complete with feeders and a bird bath, attracts mostly sparrows, gold finches (or “finchies”, as I call them), mourning doves, cow birds and hummingbirds.

Thanks to the tall evergreen tree in the backyard, a robin found the perfect place for a nest this summer. Before long, we had three blue eggs. CT managed to snap the “before” they were hatched, and “after” they were hatched photos (and right before the momma bird was about to clobber CT in his head for getting too close to her babies.) Once all flew the coup and were long long gone, CT removed the nest from the tree.

Later this summer, CT discovered another nest. This one appeared to be a sparrow’s nest - hidden deep in a small evergreen bush in front of our living room windows. Again, when the babies flew the coup, CT removed the nest.

CT loves his birds so much. The guy could sit in his backyard watching the birds for hours and hours. I won’t talk about the small fortune it costs to feed his feathery friends, or the pounds of sugar we go through during the summer months as CT makes batches and batches of fresh sugar water for his hummingbird feeder.  And only once or twice did yell, "Ok, enough!  Take a break from feeding those birds!", when I looked out and saw twenty or thirty birds just having one big party on the bird island.

Oh well, that is one of the things I love about CT - his love for birds.


  1. That's a really nice story!! (My ex husband) was a HUGE bird feeder and wind chime type of guy. He covered our garden with both.

    Great writing!!

  2. Love that about your man!!

    CT looks at birds and enjoys their "community", is in awe of the mechanics of bird flight, and delights in helping out one of God's littler creatures. You look at birds and see bird poop!! Okay, so maybe that's the readers' digest version, because I know you enjoy them occasionally.

    I just see it as one more thing that makes CT lovable!!!!

  3. What a sweet hubby! My parents love to feed their birds too. I think your hubby and my parents could be the Costco for birds!


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