Thursday, September 16, 2010

Disney Here We Come

CT LOVES to travel.  He traveled extensively before we met, and when we met, we continued to travel.  Since the six years we have been together, we have been very, very fortunate to travel to some really great places, including:
  • Hawaii (Maui)
  • Dominican Republic
  • Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice)
  • Mexico (Playa del Carmen)
  • Florida (Orlando)
  • New York (NYC)
  • California (Napa Valley, Mendocino, Carmel)
  • New Mexico (Santa Fe)
I truly loved each and every vacation we've taken and would quickly pack a bag and go back to any of these places tomorrow.  Oh wait - I am!  Tomorrow we embark on an extended family vacation -- 10 of us are venturing down to the Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse in Orlando, Florida.   

Planning for the trip began in May, and let me tell you, trying to plan a vacation with 10 people can be a little challenging -- trying to incorporate different budgets, wants, needs, etc.  It took hours on the computer and countless phone calls to Disney, but in the end, we managed to plan what will be a really great trip.

Have you ever been to Disney?  Well, if you haven't, I can honestly say that it is truly a happy, happy place.  You are practically transported to another world, where you forget your old world and the trials and tribulations of home life.  In the countless phone calls to Disney over the last couple of months, I noticed that at the end of every conversation, the representative would always say, "Have a magical day today!"  The reps always sound so sincere and HAPPY when they say this to you, that it just leaves you in a good mood. I think my sister-in-law has the Disney phone number on her speed dial, as she calls them every day trying to secure the best reservation times for dinners, etc.  Personally, I think she just likes to be told, "Have a magical day today!"   

While this is a return visit for us, most of the family has never been to Disney, and I think they will find the experience truly MAGICAL. 

Ok, I gotta run and go finish packing.  Until next week, here's to YOUR magical day!


  1. I can't express enough how EXCITED I am for you and your extended family! I've never been to Disney World, but have been to Disney Land a couple of times. We love it as you will in Florida!!

    I'll be thinking of you!! Have fun!!

  2. Can't wait!!!!!!! (Although, as you know, I'm getting a little nervous for all that we have to do to get there! But I'm excited!! Great post sister!)

  3. M-I-C See you real soon!!
    K-E-Y Why? Because we like you!!

    Now try to get that out of your head!!!!

    Have a wonderfully magical time!

  4. Saimi - thanks for the comment and good wishes!

    Sis - It's almost 8 p.m. Have you started packing yet?

    PK - Never heard that song before -- must be way way way before my time!!

  5. Can't wait to hear about your big trip!

  6. Have so much FUN!!!! Can't wait to see lots of photos!!

    By the way this IS Leslie from Words of Me...just on my son's account!!



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