Monday, September 27, 2010

The Heat Is On

I sat at my computer today for four hours straight, conducting my job search and applying for jobs.  I was so focused on what I was doing, that when I finally looked at the clock, I was shocked that four hours had passed.  Then, I realized that my fingers where icey cold, and the tip of my nose was not only drippy but was also completely frozen.  (Sorry about the drippy part -- TMI, I know.)   So, I went to the thermostat to check the temperature, and it read a frigid 63 degrees inside the house.  Now, 63 degrees may not seem very low, but a 63 degree indoor temperature makes for a very chilly house, especially on a gray, cloudy day like today.  So, even though the calendar still says "September", I decided to bite the bullet and turn on the heat.

Turning on the heat is a big deal for me.  See, I try to wait until the latest day possible, because somehow, having the heat on at home makes me feel that my house has been sealed up for the winter, and I am NEVER ready for winter.  Winter in Chicago means blustery winds, layers of clothing, cold cheeks, hats, gloves, scarfs, snow, ice, and boots.  Definitely not ready for that.  Having the heat on means no more sunny and warm days, no more soft breezes coming through the windows and fresh air flowing throughout the house, no more sitting outside on the patio watching the birds and listening to the trees sway, no more driving with the car windows down. 

Now that the heat is on, I'm beginning to thaw.  And while I sit here and think about winter, I also remember one of the sayings Chicagoans have here -- if you don't like the weather, give it an hour, as it will surely change.  So maybe in an hour, the sun will come out, warm things up a bit, and I'll turn the heat off and open the windows!


  1. I'm feeling for ya girl! I hate a cold house, I'd be turning up the heat too!! Love your new header, it's AWESOME!

    Warm thoughts for you today! :)

  2. GREAT POST, sister! I was contemplating cranking the heat on myself (it really was chilly last night, wasn't it?) Ah, well...almost time to start playing the christmas music . . "over the ground lies a mantle of white . . . " ;)

  3. LT, as I sit here reading blogs tonight, I'm a wee bit chilly and dreading the cold as well. And no, it is NOT time to play Christmas tunes during our scrapping in October.

  4. I'm afraid you and your commenters are rather "wimpy". Really...get a grip!! Spring would never be the same without a true winter.

  5. Ah, good point, Anonymous! Gotta have the dark to appreciate the light.
    However, not liking it isn't a matter of being wimpy. It's just a matter of enjoying the early fall weather (warmer weather) so much that we don't want it to end!
    Sounds like you're more a colder weather fan!

  6. Funny! The heat kicked on last night and Ana asked what the smell was....had to explain that the first time our heat comes on, it has that "first time the heat comes on" smell.

  7. PK A wise person once told me to enjoy each change of season. It is one way we know we are alive.

  8. I'm in the other boat, its hot and muggy in the NW, I'm not happy. I asked my husband to keep the AC up until oct but Nooooooooooo HE just had to take them down last week and now its in the 80s and gonna be that way all week...yuck. I hate a muggy warm house!

  9. Super great post!! Loved it:)

    And I am like you...I hate the first time I turn on the heat...only because I enjoy having my home open and all the fresh air!


  10. Hello Laura! I'm coming to you via Nicole and Leanne...I've followed Nicole for some time now and Leanne I've followed in the past too, but now that I'm back on blogger...well I'm following her again! It seems I am in good company.

    As for the job search...I feel ya girl! I've been looking since July is dead out there. As for the heat...our temps are still in the 80's out here so no heater for us. In fact our a/c went out a couple of weeks ago and we've had to get a few fans and a window unit to cool down the house. I'm ready for cooler temps!

    Love your delighted to add you to my daily reading list!


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