Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cutting Him Off

Ok, I am sorry my blog friends, but I have to do it.  I have to cut-off CT.  Cut him off from what, you ask?  Well, here it is.  I'm cutting him off of..... LAUNDRY DETERGENT.

As I've mentioned in previous blogs, CT is truly the very BEST.  I will say, however, that he lacks a few domestic skills (like cooking and cleaning).  He doesn't make much effort in the cooking department (just doesn't have much interest in cooking), and as far as cleaning is concerned, well he can run a mean vacuum around the house, but that is about all. 

Anyway, one household chore that he always offers assistance in is doing the laundry.  Granted, I still have to sort everything out (if he did the sorting, our white socks would be coming out dark gray or pink) but he always offers to take the clothes baskets to the laundry room, and start up the washing machine.  (Personally, I think he just likes to press the buttons on the machine.)

So, the other day I went into the laundry room to start a load of towels, and here is what I found:

In addition to this messy bottle, I found detergent dripped all over the floor in front of the washing machine.  And this is not the first time I've walked in to the laundry room only to find blue spots everywhere.  This time, the bottle was actually stuck to the floor because of the spilled detergent.  Needless to say, I had another mess to clean up.

When I asked CT, "What the heck did you do to this bottle of detergent?" he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "I dunno."  I'm thinking it was in CT's haste of trying to get the laundry started, and not being careful how he was pouring the detergent, that made such a mess.  As much as I appreciate CT's assistance with the laundry, I told him that he was cut-off from using the laundry detergent and starting the washing machine.

Ever since I met CT, my family has told me time and time again how much CT is so much like my dad, Joe.  My dad was a PRO at doing our laundry (laundry was always my dad's thing, not my mom's.)  I do remember there was a time, however, when my mom had to cut my dad off of BLEACH.  Yes, BLEACH.  See, my dad had this thing for using bleach, however, it seems that in his haste to finish the chore, he would drip bleach on clothes that had no business even being NEAR bleach.  After one-to-many clothes were ruined, but mom finally said, "No more bleach!"

So, no more bleach and no more detergent.  Yes, I do agree with my family, CT is very much like my dad.  My dad and CT would have got along great, and I am sorry that they never got to meet each other.  Oh, and as far as doing laundry, CT has NOT been banned from the clothes dryer (well, not yet, anyway!)



  1. Such a difficult decision to make, I'm sure!! We love that they help, but not when it creates more work for us, right?? CT is just about the best a woman could ask for, LT, but don't tell him I said might go to his head!!! Maybe the next lesson is "Folding Clothes 101"!!

  2. That is so hilarious and I know what you mean. I found your blog over at Janelle's. You left a very nice comment about my comment (lol) and then I found you. Love your Blog. I like the way you look at things. New Follower Here.

  3. found your blog from Peggy's blog
    Nice story and I like the pic of the evidence.
    I don't cook except for myself but that's not really cooking - more microwaving. I do laundry and learned the sorting thing but I still mess up certain delicates. Maybe my biggest help is in the operation of dishwasher and putting dishes away.

  4. Haha, Poor CT! Oh well it's best this way...for everyone involved!! I bet your dad is getting a big laugh as well!! :)

  5. I found you from Darlas blog!
    And that messy Tide bottle.....
    You had me there!

  6. Bahahahahahaa.. oh my word. Yes- cut him off!\
    PS - LOVE the header!

  7. OH NO!!! CUT HIM OFF! CUT HIM OFF!!!! K - I laughed my a** off with this one ... but, we love our CT and we'll keep him a little while longer!!! :)

  8. Oh no! He has lots of other redeeming qualities though! At least he didn't shrink all your former husband did that!


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