Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our World of Beeps

Did you ever notice how our world is full of beeps?  "Beeps" as in beeping sounds.  I remember when we first moved into our house, CT and I had to get used to a lot of new beeping sounds.  While we expected some of the beeps, others came as a complete surpise and we would look at each other and yell, "What's that beeping?!?"   While there are some beeps that I am OK with, others I find so annoying.  Here are some of the recent beeps in my life...

Good beep - Our coffee pot.  I love the sound of the coffee pot beeping to tell me that my morning coffee has just finished brewing.  It's like it is softly saying to me, "Come and get me, I'm done."  

Bad beep - Cell phones.  Someone's cell phone beeping to let them know that they missed a call and/or have voicemail to be picked up.  Annoying - especially in a restaurant.

Good beep/Bad beep - The smoke detectors.  Yes, I appreciate the fact that the unit will beep when the back-up battery needs to be replaced (if we missed the semi-annual changing-of-the-batteries.)  But why oh why does it have to beep at 2 a.m.?  Then you have to walk around the house in the middle of the night trying to figure out which one is beeping.

Bad beep - The sump pump back-up battery in the basement.  Anytime this thing beeps, it isn't good and I cringed as I go downstairs to investigate the beep.  We got one of those bad beeps over the weekend, which resulted in an unplanned $150 expense (had to buy a new battery.)  Well, I guess buying a new battery is cheaper than having a flooded basement.

Good beep - The oven timer (when the oven is filled with chocolate chip cookies.)  CT tried to be very helpful this past weekend as I experimented with a "healthy" version of a mini chocolate chip cookie.  When the oven timer went off (signaling that the cookies were done,) CT said, "I'll get those out of the oven."  But then, the oven kept beeping... and beeping... and beeping.  I shouted out to him, "Turn off the timer!"  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  I don't think CT even knew how to turn off the oven timer.  Finally, the timer was silenced and the smell of fresh baked cookies just filled the kitchen.

Good beep/Bad beep - Trucks backing up.  Specifically, snow plow trucks.  I don't mind hearing the sound of the snow plow truck beeping, because I know that the truck is turning around to do another sweep of our street.  But wait a minute -- that means that our driveway, the one that took us more than 30 minutes clear, is now filled with snow again (well, at least the end of the driveway).  I guess I'd rather have a cleaned street, though.

So those were just a few beeps that I've come across in the last week or so.  All pretty normal based on today's standards, and I guess all pretty tolerable.  Feel free to share the beeps in your life.

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  1. My seatbelt reminder in my car...It's not very patient and will continually beep if you don't buckle up....Pronto!

  2. I never even considered how many "Beeps" there are in life these days until I read this blog! It is truly amazing isn't it? Love how you distinguish between good and bad beeps. Great post dear.

  3. So funny - I never seem to notice them much anymore - I'm going to have to pay more attention! I do HATE the battery beep for the smoke detector though - that's one that can wake me out of a deep sleep and keep me up all night long.


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