Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Baaaack... I think

Oh boy - two weeks have gone by and I haven't written any new posts.  My apologies to my 15 followers, and anyone else who may randomly stop by.  I guess I haven't had much to say - that, and I've been busy with some of the curve balls that life throws you once in a while.  Also, my apologies to the bloggers that I follow.  I haven't been reading many blogs in the last week or so.  Heck, I even needed Leanne to tell me that I was "tagged" by Saimi in her blog this week.  So, I've got to write up my tag question answers and get those posted.  Hope to get to that this weekend.

So, here are a few updates:

First, I have to give an official shout-out and thank you to my personal blog designer, Leanne (who, as you know, is also my sister.)  Leanne is the artistic creator of my blog header.  It is so convenient to call her up and say, "Ok, I'm ready for a new blog header, so when you're in the creative mood, feel free to work on one!"  I love the excitement in her voice when a few hours later, I get a return call that says, "It's done!  Check it out!"  So, thanks, Sis, you are definitely the best.

Second, I do have my "word" for 2011.  No, I don't do resolutions.  I don't believe in them.  Why set yourself up to fail?  Anyway, my word for 2011 is "Re-Focus".  Focus would be too easy of a word.  Everyone needs to focus in at least one aspect of their life.  In my case, I need to just re-focus on many things in my life.  So, that is my word.  Done.  I think I'm supposed to post this on Leanne's blog.  Gotta double check that.

Third, we are in our dreary winter months here in Chicago, which means very little sunshine, lots of cold weather, and snow every other day (or so it seems).  At least we're not getting a foot of snow at a time, like our poor friends on the east coast.  No, we just get enough snow (a few inches at a time, like every other day) to make life a little miserable.  It is so hard not to get into a winter "funk" with this weather, but CT and I dream about moving to someplace warm and sunny when we retire.  Our move, however, would only be during the really bad winter months (like the day after Christmas through March or April) and then we would return home.  Chicago will always be our home, and I can't even imagine ever leaving this place for good. 

Ok, so that is my quick update.  I promise to get caught up with all my favorite blogs.  In the meantime, I hope life and winter is treating you well.


  1. Yea! Finally!! I know that I "talk" to you every day, but I sure would love to READ you every day, too! Touhy will be so happy - as she told me tonight that she checks at least 3 times a day for updates from us, and she said, "Sister needs to update the blog!!!" (yippie!)

    Thanks for the shout out on the header! It's always a great moment when I can create (even a cartoon of CT!) ;)

    Talk to you tomorrow!

  2. Oh my dear friend, I am so very glad thAt you are back. As for your new header, Leanne outdid herself this time!! I LOVE it!!

  3. I do love your new blog header and yes that sister of yours is very talented!! I'll be looking forward to your 'Tag' post!!!

  4. We like re-focus. A good choice!!! And I very much like that header. I really need to decide what I'd like sister to do for mine!!!

  5. Sistah!!!! Yeah you're back... I MISSED your posts and all your insights... I have a surprise this week for you... Check your mail.... :)

    Hope in the new year you could come to our "Wine party" at your sister's kitchen table. They are fun and you would be so welcomed.

    See you soon. Great to read your words again. You and Lee are my idols....

  6. Your blog header looks terrific - Leanne is one talented lady! I stopped by when she mentioned that you are her sister. My sisters and I all blog and it's just another lovely connection between the three of us.

    Sydney is in full muggy-heat mode so equally unbearable. I think it is only Spring and Summer that our types of climate can handle!!

    I'll stop by again soon. x


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