Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Education

In a recent conversation with a very good friend, we discussed our futures, our careers, and the lack of job prospects.  I contemplated with him whether I should return to school for a certification, not really sure whether that would increase my chances of landing a job.  Bill wisely said, "Education is never a bad thing."

So, I've been thinking a lot about that statement (and will probably write more about it later) and while I still haven't made any decisions yet about returning to school, I have begun a continuing education "course" if you will, from my personal instructor, CT.  Yes, CT is educating me on... wait for it.... here goes... using the SNOW BLOWER! 

What can I say, I am a wimp when it comes to machines (like the lawn mower, the leaf blower, the snow blower, etc.) that I know absolutely nothing about, nor do I care to know anything about them.  It's not like I don't have the intelligence to learn how to use these machines (I'm a college-educated woman after all!), it just that I do not have any INTEREST.  Heck, I figured that CT's job.  Since CT doesn't have any interest in learning how to turn on the stove (to cook), then I see no reason why I should learn how to operate the snow blower.  But then, the guilt sets in.  After all, CT works all day long and I am at home.  The least I can do is keep the driveway and sidewalk free from snow so CT doesn't have to do it when he comes home, right?

This morning was a perfect morning for another lesson (my second lesson) on using the snow blower.  About four inches of snow fell overnight, so the driveway had to be cleared.  First, CT shows me how it is done like a pro.  Here he is:

And here:

And here (trying to be funny by throwing snow at me on his already cleared part)

As I mentioned, today was my second lesson.  The first snow blowing lesson was not-so-good.  At the first lesson, I took hold of the two handle-thingies and pressed the grips down tightly (as CT showed me), and all of a sudden, the fricken machine had a mind of its own, and took off pulling me down the driveway!  I could barely stay on my feet as I shouted out "WHOA!!! WHOA!!!! " like I was riding a horse!  I thought for sure I was going to fall on my a _ _ and mess up my one good knee.  Needless to say, it was not a pretty sight. 

Today's lesson went much better.  Here I am, and you can see the look of joy on my face, because I was so thrilled to be using the snow blower (not really). 

So I made it down the driveway, just once, and then I hit the curb at the end of the driveway and yelled for CT to take over.  Yup, I was finished with my second lesson.  I think the third lesson plan will be to learn how to turn the snow blower around in order to come back UP the driveway after making it down to the end of the driveway.  The fourth lesson will be to learn how to START the machine (can't be too difficult, it has an electronic push button start, and I can push a button, right?)  Fifth lesson:  filling the machine with gasoline.  Then hopefully I will graduate from CT's Snow Blowing School.       
Well, even though I'm not particularly thrilled to be using the snow blower, I do believe that education is never a bad thing.  Now, about going back to school....


  1. AHAAAAAAAAHHHHAAA!!! The picture of YOU with the mower is the absolute BEST!!! Sister, I'm laughing my bootie off right now . . . what an education! That CT ... we love him so!!!


  2. Wait.. wait.. what is that white stuff and why is there sooo much of it? ;-)

  3. Way to go Sistah.... I hate doing the snow or the lawn, but I feel the same way you do about having it done for Mike when he gets home.
    I am so proud of you, but I do wonder if we will ever see you out there again? :>)
    Happy holidays to you a CT.


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