Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Katie Tradition

The holidays are full of family traditions and Katie and I have our very own tradition.  Every year, we go Christmas shopping for presents for Mommy (aka, Leanne), Daddy (aka, Phil Guy) and Sissy (aka, Ella).  Here's how it works:  we go to our local Target or Walmart and Katie makes ALL shopping decisions (of course with some financial boundaries.)  Then, we come back to my house while Katie wraps her gifts before returning to Katie's home to carefully place the wrapped presents under the Christmas Tree.

Katie and I started this tradition when she was three years old.  That first year, we walked around Target for more than an hour before Katie selected the PERFECT white ornament with long white feathers for Daddy (because, according to Katie, "It is SOOOOOO pretty and Daddy will love it!!").  For Mommy that year, Katie selected a really, really, really long pair of earrings that hung down past Leanne's shoulders.  Again, Katie thought they were the most beautiful pair of earrings that would be absolutely perfect for Mommy.  No gift for Ella that year because Ella had not yet joined us in this world.

This year, we upgraded our store to Kohl's and headed out for three perfect gifts.  As Katie gets older, she is more confident in her decisions and, within an hour, we were out of the store with six gifts in hand (two gifts per person), and back at my house wrapping. 

I love this tradition with Katie and the time that just the two of us spend together.  And I hope that we keep this tradition for years and year to come - even when she is older, has money of her own, and is driving ME to the store instead!     


  1. So heartwarming!! Precious! I so enjoy hearing about each year's purchases!
    Merry Christmas to Katie!!

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  3. That's MY girl! And I love her so!!! Thanks so much for this tradition with Katie ... she loves it so! I only wonder how long you can get by without having Ellie there, too? Or, will you need a separate Ellie shopping day?

    Can't wait to see what wonderful goodies she's picked out this year! I may have to pull those earrings out and wear them this Christmas. Thanks, again, for all you and CT do for these girls. They are so blessed to have you in their lives!

  4. Lovely, lovely Lovely....Wishing you and yours a beautiful Christmas season!


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