Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Shopping Challenge

As we are in the midst of the holiday shopping season, I find myself in good shape with all my Christmas shopping, with the exception of one person:  CT.

Each year I am challenged with what to buy CT for Christmas and his birthday (which is in February).  CT is a guy with pretty simple tastes, wants, and needs; he is definitely NOT a materialistic guy.  Every time I ask him for gift ideas, he very sincerely replies, "I really don't want or need anything, Hon."  Once in a while he throws in, "I got you and that's all that matters", after I frown at the first reply. 

The last big gift I bought CT was about four or five years ago.  Here is the gift:

Yes, a Leg Lamp (from the hilarious and classic movie "A Christmas Story", one of CT's favorite movies.)  If you have ever seen this movie, you understand how absolutely GREAT this lamp is, even though it is a bit "FRAGEELY"! 

So when CT received the Leg Lamp for his birthday one year, he was NOT happy that I spent the money and bought him such an extravagant gift.  (Personally, I did not think it was that extravagant.)  But he came to love the gift, and now each December the lamp is the first decoration CT unpacks.  And yes, it is displayed in the living room window instead of my beautiful Christmas Tree.  He waits to see if our holiday visitors notice the lamp as they drive up to the house, and he loves showing it to everyone.  (Side note:  When Ella saw the lamp for the first time this year, she said, "Auntie, where is the rest of the lady?")  And my beautiful Christmas Tree?  Well, it sits snuggly in the corner of the living room.  

Well, I've got 18 days to come up with a gift or two for CT.  Whatever it is, it will never be as "extravagant" or as funny as the Leg Lamp, and that's ok, because I know CT is truly happy with or without Christmas gifts.  For me, that's all that matters.    


  1. But our SB-CT deserves some extravagance!! But I do know what you mean...it's just difficult to buy for our guys!!!
    I DO love the leg lamp...it's Italian, y'know!!

  2. WOW - love the lamp.

    As for the men - aren't they the hardest to shop for???

  3. Maybe you should buy the leg lamp a new shoe! Ha!

    Good luck!!


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