Friday, December 17, 2010

Flying Time & A Funny Story

Wait a minute.... is today really December 17th?  Has it really been 10 days since my last post?  Boy, time sure is flying by fast. 

So, what have I been doing over the last ten days?   Probably the same things that you've been doing.  Lots of hussle and bussle.  Last weekend we had back-to-back days of visiting/entertaining family and friends.  Then there was the finishing of Christmas shopping this week, followed by this:

Wrapping.  Still not finished wrapping the gifts, but heck, I still have a week to wrap.

And then there was CT, who gave me a two-day notice that he needed some homemade Christmas Cookies to bring in to work for the annual "Sweet Table" day.  This year I decided to put CT to work making cookies.

One of the funniest moments of the season (thus far) was at Ella's pre-school holiday program last Sunday.

After listening to the first group of three year old kids singing their cute little songs, followed by the next group of four year old kids SHOUTING out their songs, we were treated to a live action performance of the real Christmas Story, complete with full costume actors (aka, kindergarten kids.)  The teacher read the story and the actors came out on stage right on cue:  Joseph, Mary, the donkey, the Angel, Baby Jesus, etc.  Then there came the three Wise Men.  As they marched across the stage carrying their gifts and heading toward the manger, I noticed one particular interesting gift the second Wise Guy was holding.  It was... a.... MARTINI SHAKER!   So, I said to CT, "Is that a martini shaker?"  CT, looked and said, "Oh no, it is!"  Then I said to Leanne, "Do you see that martini shaker the Wise Guy is holding?"  Leanne looked and said, "ALLELUIA AND AMEN!"  And we just laughed and laughed.  Unfortunately, we could not see (from our seats) that the martini shaker was actually decorated with beautiful jewels, thereby making it a perfect Wise Men prop.  Still, we just loved the idea of the Wise Men carrying a Lemon Drop Martini on their way to the manger.

So, that's a quick (maybe not-so-quick) Christmas update of the last ten days.  Hope you're having some good Christmas Days too.  And if you have any funny Christmas stories, please feel free to share! 


  1. That's hilarious! Now see that's something I would have not recognized..a Martini shaker...What a crack up!

  2. Why am I not surprised that you would notice the martini shaker?????? SO funny!
    Can I just say that I LOVE the idea of the teacher reading the story and the kids acting it out. It's like out of a movie. I just LOVE it!! Can't wait for my grandkids to go thru that!!


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