Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard Update - I'm REALLY Not Liking This

So, the Blizzard of 2011 continues for us today.

After a long and scary night full of whipping winds, snow, lightening and thunder, we woke up to find snow drifts piling up around our house.  Yes, we are now officially snowed in.  Here are a few photos:

In preparation for the blizzard, the City of Chicago issued snow mobiles to fire departments, so that rescue worker and paramedics would be able to reach those in need.  We watched the news this morning as the people were rescued from their vehicles on Lake Shore Drive.  And, all roads in most of the counties that surround Chicago are completely closed (including ours). 

CT and I ventured outside at 7 a.m., to evaluate the situation and attempt to begin the dig out.  Unfortunately, we did not get very far.

With snow literally up to CT's waist, he gave it a good shot.  But the winds started up again, and with snow continuing to fall, we gave up and came inside.  We'll try again in a few hours.  I'm thinking it will take us two days to dig out.

So that is our update.  More later.



  1. WOW! Totally amazing! Though you gotta admit is it very pretty!

  2. That is crazy. Thunder and lightening too?

  3. Seriously, that is so dang CRAZY!! I hope your heat continues to work and you have plenty of food in the house...Looks like you'll be there for awhile!!

  4. HOLY MOLY. I would have a panic attack!

  5. Could not handle that on any level!Hang in there!!


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