Friday, February 25, 2011

Me & Ella

It's just me and Ella (my niece) on Thursdays.  Every Thursday, I pick up Ella from pre-school, and we head back to my house for some juice (Ella's beverage of choice), Tom & Jerry (Ellie's favorite cartoon), lunch, a few games and craft projects, etc.  Later then, we go back to her house to get sister Katie off the school bus before Mommy (aka, Leanne) gets home from work.

Last week, I had a interesting conversation with Ella on our way back to her house.  The conversation came completely out of the blue... here it is:

Ella:  Auntie, I have the best boyfriend in the whole world.

Me:  You do?  Who is your boyfriend?

Ella:  Michael.  But don't tell Katie.  He is the best boyfriend in the whole world.  (Side comment: Michael is a boy in Ella's pre-school class.)

Me:  Really?  Why is Michael the best boyfriend in the whole world?

Ella:  Because he looks at me all the time.

Me:   He does?

Ella:  Yes.  But he doesn't kiss me.

Me:  He doesn't kiss you?

Ella:  NOOOOO!  That would be gross!

Ella.  Age 4.  Gotta love it.


  1. That's so cute!!! I LOVE that girl! thanks for sharing the story . . . she warms my heart.

  2. So cute! Little ones are so precious! Wonderful story! ~Hugs

  3. You can look but don't you dare think of kissing!! HA that is too cute!! What a sweet sister and Auntie you are, the girls are going to have such great memories of spending time with you!!


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