Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shame On Me

CT and I love going to the picture show (aka, the movies).  While I love a good romantic comedy, CT would rather see a "guy" kinda movie.  We can usually compromise on movies even though I have to nag sweetly convince CT to see a chick flick.  To document our love of movies, I came up with this great idea.  I planned on saving all the ticket stubs for movies that we see in 2011, and then design a couple of scrapbook pages with these ticket stubs.  Good idea, eh?

So, last week we saw, "The King's Speech" (really great movie, by the way.)  When we came home, I tucked the ticket stubs safely next to the kleenex box on the kitchen counter.  My intent was to bring the ticket stubs downstairs to the Scrapbook Cellar for safe-keeping until I was ready to work on the scrapbook pages.  Ok.  No problem. 

Yesterday, we saw "The Fighter" (another great movie.)  As we waited in line for refreshments, I said to CT, "Oh, give me your ticket stub.  I'm saving it."  CT replied, "Saving it?  Why?"  So, I proceeded to tell CT my great scrapbook idea of saving all the ticket stubs for all the movies we see this year.  CT then took a big gulp and said, "Oh, so you were saving the ticket stubs that were on the kitchen counter?"  I said, "Yes."  Another gulp from CT.  "Honey, I'm sorry, I threw those out.  I didn't know you wanted to keep them."

At first, I was absolutely stunned by this news.  Then, I just started to laugh.  Why?  Well, my CT doesn't throw out ANYTHING.  This is a guy who wants to keep EVERYTHING!  For example, we will buy something that comes in a box, use the product, but CT insists on keeping the empty box, "Just in case."  Just in case what?  I have no idea.  The empty box will make its way into the garage, and by the time the garage is full of empty boxes, I'm at my wits-end yelling at CT to just throw out the fricken boxes.  Oh yeah, and speaking of garage, well, this is one place I just close my eyes and ignore the piles of crap stuff that CT has stacked everywhere in there. 

Junk mail in another thing.  Magazines, sales flyers, solicitations, you know the kind.  Well, the junk mail comes in, and CT insists that he wants to read it before I toss it.  Problem is that he will never read the junk mail, and then it will just pile up until I finally just toss it out.

And then there is CT's basket.  CT had a tendency to leave little things everywhere -- his keys, mints, a comb, receipts, gum, etc.  So, I bought a basket and placed it on top of his dresser.  One day the basket became so full, it was spilling out all over the dresser.  So, I wrote a note on a post-it, and taped it to the basket.  That was two years ago.  Here is the basket today.  The note is still taped on the basket.  Stuff still piles out of the basket.

How funny is it that CT not only managed to FIND the ticket stubs on the counter, but actually pick them up, look at them, and then walk over to the garbage can and toss them!  Every time I think about this I just laugh and think, "Well, shame on me!"  Shame on me for not sharing my great ticket stub idea with CT sooner.  Shame on me for not taking those ticket stubs down to the Cellar sooner.  Shame on me for doubting that CT would ever want to clean up stuff laying around the kitchen counter (even though he completely overlooked the junk mail that should have been tossed instead of my ticket stubs.)  Yes, shame on me! 


  1. LOVE the idea of scrapping the picture show stubs!! LAUGH at CT tossing them!!
    I want to see a picture when the basket gets cleaned out!!!

  2. Seriously now how would you have ever known he was going to throw them was very out of character for him...Had he been the type that does throw things away you would have taken better measures to secure their safety.

    It is ironic though and funny!

  3. OF COURSE!!!! That stuff happens to me all the time! Funny CT!


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