Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lost... and Found?

I'm lost... so completely lost.  Or I'm losing it.  I think.

You see, yesterday we had another gathering of the Scrapbook Cellar Chicks.  (Check out this post for a refresher on Scrapbook Cellar Chicks.)  It was a great Saturday - we started early, finished late.  We laughed, cried a little, and did the "catch-up" on what's new in all our lives.  CT not only did a lunch run for us, but then later in the afternoon, Peggy begged CT for a Starbucks run, and since CT is such a GREAT GREAT GREAT guy, he went to Starbucks for the girls.

Anyway, I started with a clean table.  My intent was to start the album for our Disney trip we took last September.  I took out all the photos, the new album, and special Disney supplies I've purchased over the last couple of months.  Well, four hours later, I only managed to finish one very simple and quite pathetic looking page.  Here it is:

Meanwhile, Peggy, Leanne and Cindi worked diligently on all their projects.  Peggy even managed to finish 10 pages!!  Check out her blog for the results.   At one point yesterday, I just hopped on the computer and started reading out loud various posts from our blog buddies.  Well, at least we all got caught up with some of our mutually favorite blogs!

Then, something happened.  This morning, as CT helped me clean up the Scrapbook Cellar, I said to him, "Hey Hon, I need about 30 minutes down here."  CT, of course, said, "No problem.  I'll watch a little TV down here while you work on your scrapbook."

After only 30 minutes, I managed to crank out two pages for the Disney album.  Here they are:

So, yesterday, I thought I was lost.  I accomplish one page in 8 hours.  Today, I managed to create two pages in 30 minutes.  Yesterday, I was creatively lost... today, I'm not so sure.

Tomorrow, CT is off from work.  Before we go workout at the health club, I hope to get downstairs to the Cellar to see if I am still creatively lost, or if I am back on my way to some good, old fashioned, creative scrapbooking.  I'll let you know.  

In the meantime, I'm curious... have you ever been creatively (or otherwise) lost?  What do you do to find your way?


  1. Oh Yeah! I think it is quite common.. and let me guess - you were probably enjoying the chatting more than the scrapping!

  2. This is definitely a common problem that many women find themselves faced with. I sometimes go through it with my writing. Not sure how I get myself out of it does come around! Love the pages! I think it is cool that you gals get together to do this. Awesome!

  3. I think this is very common for both genders and all types of artists. Personally I find creative ideas come to me in the shower. So take a long shower. I just heard of a scientist with same finding.

    Hey I stopped by here because I remember your post about the washing and CT. Well I just finished installing a new washer and dryer and being a blogger I posted about it. Check it out - A Few Clowns Short.


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