Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Day In The Cellar

Yesterday I had the wonder opportunity to spend some quality time in The Cellar with The Scrapbook Cellar chicks:  Leanne, Peggy, and Cindi.  The Scrapbook Cellar is a portion of our unfinished basement where I've set up tables, shelves with supplies, a desk and a computer, all for the purpose of working on craft or scrapbook projects.  Here's me and the chicks: 
Photography by CT, our Scrapbook Beeeatch.

So, the projects of the day included Leanne's Disney Album (from our trip to Disney in September):

Followed by Peggy working on some school photos of her son:

 And then Cindi working on a couple of projects, one including an album about "Gratitude":

And what about CT?  We affectionately refer to CT as our Scrapbook Beeeatch.  As the SB, CT helps set up all the tables and lights (yes, I have special lights that provide a more natural light -- very important in order to match the right colors on the scrapbook pages!) and helps carry in the girls' bags when they arrive.  Then, he does a lunch run for us (yesterday it was Italian Beef sammiches.)

CT pretty much leaves us to ourselves to do our thing, but he will check in with us every couple of hours to see how we are doing.  During one of CT's Cellar checks yesterday, we put him to work.  Leanne needed help adding pages to her album, and tightening the screws on the album.  So, there was CT to the rescue.

Our day begins early -- usually around 7:30 or 8 a.m. -- and we end around 4 or 4:30 p.m.  We talk, we laugh, we complain and vent, we provide input to each others projects, we share, we sing to the music (oh yeah, and Leanne and Cindi were singing REALLY REALLY loud yesterday.  At one point I threatened to turn off the music and put on a movie!)  And with all our busy schedules and lives, we manage to pull off this one day a month in the Cellar.  Somedays it is hard - we may feel tired, we may feel guilty about not being with family or that we should be doing other things at home, we may not feel particularly creative, organized, or productive.  But none of that matters.  What matters is that we spend some quality time with good friends, doing something that we all really enjoy.     

Any day spent in the cellar with The Cellar Chicks is truly a perfect day to me. 


  1. So very true!!! I had a great time! Although you forgot to mention that we occasionally have impromptu visits by others who stop to see what the Scrap Chicks are working on! Doesn't stop us from keepin' on, though, does it??
    As always, we so appreciate our very own SB!! Thanks, CT!

  2. What's wrong with the singing??? Lovely post, Laura - and I have to add props to our generous, inspiring and attentive hostess! Thanks to you and the girls, I feel more like myself (the pre-kid me) in the Cellar, than I do most of the time....thank you for letting me be part of the group!

  3. This made me smile. I signed onto blogger, was scanning the different post - and yours popped up (4th) - and I saw the pic and the title and smiled. Ahh - good to see my bloggy friends have a wonderful day! WOW - that's a LONG time to scrap. I am like the worlds fastest scrapper. You guys must have mad skillz. ;-)

  4. Like Nicole, this made me smile! I am suppose to be working on a scrapbook that I still have yet to begin. It sure does seem like you ladies had a fabulous day! Loved this post!!!

  5. CT is the man!! Love your girl time get together!!
    the Cellar girls, that has kind of a ring to it, I love it!!! It's so obvious your all having a super great time! What an awesome idea!!


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