Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Village Story

Remember the post I wrote about "It Takes A Village"? (Feel free to click over to review).  I've decide that not only does it take a village to be my sister, Leanne, it takes 20 VILLAGES!  Here's the latest story (side note:  I already warned Leanne that I was going to blog about this AND I received her permission to use this photo from Mother's Day last year -- gotta love the crown Katie made for her mommy!): 

The other day, Leanne decided to make an anniverary gift for PG's Aunt and Uncle.  Leanne knew that she wanted to make a small scrapbook album.  So, she calls me up, and very long story short, she "borrows" all supplies from my scrapbook stash -- the album, the papers, a few ribbons, etc.  No problem, because I have the supplies anyway.  One visit to the Scrapbook Cellar was all it took.  I started to chuckle, however, when I got a last minute phone call from Leanne: 

"You know that package of embellishments you have sitting on the table downstairs?  Well, I have the same ones, but you know, I just can seem to find them here!  So, can I borrow those too?" 

No problem.

After Leanne finished the album, she invited me over to take a quick look at said album before she wrapped it.  (Side note, the album was BEAUTIFUL!).  But before CT and I could leave the house, the phone rang.  Here's the conversation:

Leanne:  Hi, ok good, you're still home.

Me:  Yup.  On our way out the door now.

Leanne:  Well, you know...  PG and I had a really hard day working on the garage and doing yard work... we are just exhausted... and I REALLY REALLY REALLY need a favor... would you mind stopping to Starbucks for coffee on your way over?

Me:  Well.... ok (even though it really isn't on our way.)  What do you guys want?

Leanne:  (in one quick breath)
Ok, onegrandepikeplacecoffeewithvanillaandacoldsoytopper andoneventeicedcoffeewithcreamnonsweetenedandmakesureitisnonsweetenedbecauseIcan'tdrinkitifit'ssweetened.

Me:  WHAT?

Leanne:  Got it?

Me:  Wait, I've got to write this down.  (Oh boy, and I was thinking I just needed to get two cups of coffee through the drive-thru.) 

So, I proceeded to write down the order, and repeated the order very slowly and carefully to the Starbucks Barista, who looked at me like I was COFFEE-STUPID.  Oh well, the good news is that Leanne and PG got their jolt exactly as they wanted it.

Another village story I just had to share.  And I still like being part of this village (or villageS).


  1. Holy Moly that was some major coffee lingo there.
    I read it twice, first so I can know what it said then second so I can say it fast like Leanne! HA!

    What good sisters you to each other!

  2. HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. *breathe* hhaahahahahahaha.

    WOW. ;-)

  3. WHAT is right! This kills me! Oh and I'll take oneventepeppermentmochawithfourpumpswhipandastraw. THANKS!

  4. It takes a village! As long as the village has a Starbucks within city limits!

  5. That is hysterical! Love Leanne and gotta say that I read the coffee order a couple of times myself. Great post!!!

  6. YOU KNOW WHAT?!?!?!!! I'm BEGINNING to think that you having a blog is a BAD IDEA!!!! I didn't know this was going to be a "Air Leanne's Dirty Laundry" kind of blog!!!! We'll have to change the name of it!!!!

    Love ya, sister. And for the record, I would bring you a "nonfatpumpkinspicelatteedoubleshotespress" anytime!

  7. Lucky she has a sister/village like you...my sister would have told me she'd get me an iced coffee from McDonald's and that's it....none of that fancy business!


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