Monday, October 4, 2010

Cabinets & Closets

At least once a week, I have the good fortune to spend time with (aka, babysit) my nieces, Katie (age 7) & Ella (age 3).  Usually, I babysit the girls at my house, and what makes me really happy is that the girls seem to LOVE coming to my house.  They feel very comfortable here, and they know exactly where everything is at - from the TV remote controls, to their toys, to which cabinet I keep the snacks (including their own secret stash of chocolate), to The Scrapbook Cellar (aka, the basement), where we complete our own craft projects to give Mommy after she works.  The girls have never turned down an offer to come to my house.

Because the girls spend time here on a regular basis, I decided to designate a space where they could keep a few of their toys, etc.  It began with a drawer in the kitchen.  Mental note - I've got to clean this drawer out.

Well, that drawer did not last very long, as their supply of items began to grow and overflow the drawer.  So we moved on to a closet (yes, I am lucky enough to have an extra closet that was not being used!).  This closet now keeps all their prized possessions (along with a few of my office supplies).

Then we had a predicament:  what to do with the pictures and notes the girls draw and give to me.  So, instead of hanging these things on the refrigerator (magnets don't work on my stainless steel refrigerator anyway), we decided to start hanging things inside kitchen cabinets.  It all began with Katie's things, and this cabinet is now referred to as "Katie's Cabinet".

When Katie comes over, she always looks to see what we've got hanging in the cabinet.  (This also happens to be where I keep their secret stash of chocolate!)

Then Ella said, "I want a cabinet too!"  So, I've started a separate cabinet for Ella.  Here it is:

There isn't much hanging in Ella's cabinet yet, but I know it will fill up fast, and then we will move on to another cabinet.  Katie's even told me that by the time she is 10 years old, she hopes to have filled up ALL the cabinets in my kitchen.  We shall see.

I hope that Katie and Ella always feel comfortable here, and I hope that they never stop wanting to come here.  But who am I kidding - they will eventually turn in to teenagers, and I'm sure someday they will say, "We don't want to go to Auntie's."  But for now, they love coming to my house, and I'm just going to enjoy it for as long as I can.


  1. For the record - I don't think they will ever NOT want to go to Aunties. As a matter of fact, I some day hope to live close enough that when that "Wizard of Oz-Dorothy" feeling takes over that they want to "run away", they'll be close enough to run to you.

    I am so grateful for all that you do, and give, to the girls (even the cabinets)! They adore you and CT, and I am so blessed that they have you in their lives! THANK YOU for all you do for them.

  2. I agree with Leanne. By the time they are teenagers mom won't be cool anymore and it's the Aunt that they're going to turn to. They are lucky to have such a wonderful, caring Auntie!

  3. How sweet!! And the girls will always feel comfortable going to Auntie's! Even when they feel they can't talk to mom. (Sorry, Leanne, but they almost ALL get to that point in their lives where they can't talk to their parents.)
    So nice to know that I can easily find the chocolate stash the next time I visit!

  4. Laura - they will always want to be with Auntie - U and Claudio are the best Auntie and Uncle a child could have !!!!

    Hugs to you I loved they way they grew into your home!!!!


  5. This is sooo sweet! What a blessing you are to your nieces:) I love your darling!


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