Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love On A Sheetpan

We were at the grocery store yesterday and I was just minding my own business in the checkout line.  I waited patiently for the clerk to finish with the customer in front of us as CT viewed the gazillion types of chewing gums, contemplating on which pack he should buy (heck, that alone can take 10 minutes!)

Then I heard this whisper... "Yoo hoo... over here."  I quickly turned around to see who was behind me, but found no one.  Then I heard the whisper again... "Psssst... to your right."  I looked to my right, and saw it.  It was speaking to me, and this time I heard it loud and clear.  Here it is:

At lightening speed, I reached for this magazine fearing that someone else would grab it before I could (even though no one else was even around me.)  Without a second thought, and without a quick flip-through to look at some of the recipes, I declared to CT, "I have to get this!"  CT, as good as he usually is about my unauthorized purchases, just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Ok."

Did I really need to spend $6 on a magazine?  No.  Do I have many of these recipes already?  Maybe.  If not, can I find these recipes online?  Probably.  Was this really an unauthorized purchase?  Well, I DID tell CT I was going to buy it before I actually made the purchase, so technically, it was not an unauthorized purchase.   Anyway, the title "100 Best Cookies - Love On A Sheetpan" sold me.  That is why I bought this magazine.  That, and the fact that I love reading the recipes and looking at the photos.  Call me old-fashioned, but I like turning the pages of a magazine, appreciating the art of the beautifully photographed goodies (I'm not sure why my cookie pictures don't turn out as good.)  

Love on a sheetpan... that pretty much sums up my feelings of homemade holiday cookies.  Leanne, my mom and me are pretty good... no, wait... we are EXCELLENT cookie bakers, and our holiday cookies are the best you will find.   And I never met a homemade cookie I didn't like (well, there was that one recipe from last year that will remain nameless, because the baker might be reading this post!) 

At any rate, there truly is nothing better than a homemade holiday cookie - made with REAL butter, REAL vanilla, lots of love and maybe a little passion.  After all, love on a sheetpan is what it is all about!


  1. The secret is in the REAL butter. Anyone that bakes with anything different is not a baker!

    Happy Baking!!

  2. Mmmmm... it's the buttah and vanilla that drive those babies to excellence!! (And it can't be Costco butter, right Carol???)

  3. BTW, Folks...LT makes one kick-ass biscotti!!

  4. Thanks, PK, for the kind words. Yeah, I know, you're looking to score some biscotti at our next Scrapbook Cellar gathering!

  5. Ahhh! A good biscotti and a coffee with biscotti famosa! What could be better?


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